Herd Books

Cattle Management Software

For Windows XP - 10

Cattle Record Keeping
& Age Verification Software


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  • Transfer cows and calves records from your spread sheets.
  • Very little typing to manually enter all your cows and calves.
  1. Most entries are by clicking on custom pop-up lists that you can add to and change to better suit your herd.
  2. Enters your calf tag and CCIA tag numbers for you.
  3. Allows you to record most calves by using only your mouse.
  • Items for Cow record – tag#, year born, day born, colour, calving ease,size, horns, condition, ccia#, heath, treatments, current pasture, sir, avg weaning wt of calves, avd gain of calves, Dam#, disposition, bag, feet, aux tag#, and Notes. (anything entered in an animals Notes is searchable)
  • Items for Calf record – year born, tag#, sex, day born, colour, calving ease, size, horns, condition, ccia#, heath, treatments, current pasture, sir, cycle, weaning wt, avdgain, 200 day wt, and Notes.
  • Import a photo to cow's record (zoom and print). Search photos to identify a cow (zoom). Print pages of multiple photos from 6 to 42 per page.
  • Keeps track of the maternal side of each cow's family tree.
  • Replacement heifers are added to the herd from the calf page.
  • Quick and easy CCIA tag entry form for fall calf tagging.
  • Prepares age verification upload files for either the CLIA or for BIX2 (by day born)
  1. prepares all the CLIA forms you will need for cull cows, lost tags, deaths etc.
  • Up to four herds of 500 head each (for cross breeding or family members)
  1. Transfer cattle from one herd to another.
  2. Save replacements from one herd to another. The tree navigates across herds.
  • Search for any type of cattle and Print any info you wish. Search is Herd Books solution to 'reports', plus it will find any animal(s) in your herd past or present.
  1. Print a list of cows and their calves with descriptions to carry in the truck.
  2. Find possible replacements by birth date range, size, dam and disposition etc.
  3. Lists of Cows or calves can be made and ordered for comparing one to another for one or many attributes.
  4. Save searches to a .csv file to open in a spread sheet or to e-mail.
  • Births per cycle graphs, Birth per cycle by pasture graphs and average daily gain graphs by pasture. Compare one year to another.
  • Mass Treatments with populated Meds list and withdrawal times.
  • Ten Breeding pastures per herd – send cows to pastures with a sire.
  • Weaning weights entry form calculates 200 day wt and avd gain.
  • Yearly journals with search for key words.
  • Import tag reader and scale session files into calves records.
  • Allows for purchased feeder calves mass treatments and creates
  • CLIA Move In and Out upload files for their CCIA numbers.
  • Backup and Restore files.
  • Herd Books will even print you a pocket calving book.
  • Comes with a populated Test Herd.
  1. No need to spend time entering your cattle to evaluate Herd Books
  2. +20 years of herd records of a working herd ending mid calving 2010
  3. Test herd allows full access to allow you to add to or change the records.
  4. You can also switch between your own herd and the test herd

Free 90 day free trial. Reactivation on purchase. Herd Books is a one time cost, with NO yearly fees. Support by email and telephone. I will call you to talk you through any problems you may have using the program.

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